Be Quiet

“ Sit down and be quiet!” “Ha, Ha, Ha!” is the reply I get. My little cousins run back down the hall defiantly. “Why on earth did I agree to babysit them?” I think to myself. I don’t even know if I’m going to get paid!
I was babysitting my little cousins while my aunt ran some errands. Then my aunt walks in and says they are really hyper because they were on medicine. “Great” I thought they would never settle down. What was I going to do?
After,I get them inside and they are just a talking ‘Madi can we play blocks?” “Madi can we get out the Lego’s?” Finally, I said “Ok, let’s go play blocks.” So, we went and played blocks for a little while. After we played blocks we played several different things. We played Lego’s, Barbies, cars, school, and dress up. I knew that they would probably be ok to play a while on their own so I decided to go and watch a movie. Through out the movie, I was listening to them while I was watching, and I thought they were doing ok so I stopped listening. That was a big mistake. Chaos came running at me like a bull. “Madi, Madi, Madi”. Something must have gone wrong or they were bored. I knew they wouldn’t listen if I was nice so I knew I was going to have to yell. “Everyone sit down NOW!”I scream. “No!!”they yell back. “Ugh kill me now!” I thought. Never in my life had I ever been that frustrated.
“Calm down.” I tell myself, “What can I do to calm them down?” Then it hit me. “Hey, Jaci and Peyt, do you want a snack and a movie?” Yes, yes, yes!!” was their reply. I figured that they would want to sit down and eat because they were probably hungry.
They sit down and start watching Frozen. I pop some popcorn and we have a pretty good afternoon. We played a little after that,but then their mother came and picked them up. If I learned anything from that experience, it’s that if you give kids food they are angels.

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  1. I love the details in this story. It may seen dramatic and over the top, but I know from experience how true it is!

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