2013 and 2014


2013 was a great year. I had so many fun adventures. Right now though, I want to look back on my 3 favorites.               Number 1 : My birthday! I was so excited! I was turning 10! My dad was in Longview and so my mom, dad, and I all went to eat lunch at Cheeburger Cheeburger. That day my burger had cheese,chilli,bacon, hot sauce.guacamole,and pickles. Then my dad gave me a $45 gift card and we all went to the mall. I split the money between Claire’s and Justice. Two things I remember getting were neon lipgloss and hair clips.        Number 2: Shlitterbaun! In August my mom and I went to Shlitterbuan. We had so muck fun. First we went to the old Shlitterbaun. We mostly rode the river rides. They were sooo much fun. The next day we went to the new Shlitterbaun. It was awesome! We rode the Master Blaster. That ride was an up-hill water ride. It was voted best water ride. We also rode the longest river ride ever! I had so much fun  on that trip.      Number 3 : My dad.  That Christmas I got to
see my dad. I went to his house in Lobbock TX. I had so much fun. I got to spend time with him and my family. I stayed for 3 days and then had to go back home. He also came to Longviex on Christmas morning!


I hope 2014 will be a great year. I have made some goals for 2014 and beyond. Here they are.

2 new goals I have: 1 I want to make it to 6th grade. 2 Iwant to make it to college.

1 thing I’d like to stop doing: This year I’d like to stop arguing with my mom.

1 thing I want to learn: I want to learn how to make a Cra-z-Loom Starburst braclet.

4 new books I want to read: Diary of a Wimpy Kid Hard Luck, Heaven is Real, Narnia, and Harry Potter.

Hopefully I will acomplish all my goals. I know this will be the best year ever!!!!

December 7,1941

President Roosevelt called it “date which will live in ifamy’

Everyone who died in the attack of Pearl Harbor have their names on the memorial

Attack on Pearl Harbor 8:00 am

Real heroes are heroes like Doris Miller

Love for our country helped us fight through


Harbor was in Hawii

Attacked by Japan

Remembered as World War II

Battleships were the Arizona and Missouri

On December 7,1941

Remember World War II

Veterans Day

This year I am giving my dad a card for Veterans Day. My dad is in the army And has been over seas many times. I am very thankful that he can serve our country. His truck has been bombed before. He was not servely hurt and for that I am very thankful. He is a great dad and a good soldier. I love him very much.


                                                    Thank    You    Dad  !! ! ! !



Learned to plant corn

You were called a seperitist if you are separated from the Church of England

Mayflower Compact

Only men signed the Mayflower Compact

Unexspected arrival in Plymouth

The first Thanksgiving

Houses made of thatched wood


I would like to live in Plymouth. I would have had other kids go with me. I would not have to follow the kings rule’s.  My colony would have made friends with the indians.  We would have had the first Thanksgiving.