The Best Summer Ever

It was July 2nd,my birthday!My family was at my grandparents house.I thought I wouldn’t get any presents.I knew it would be a fun day but I wasn’t expecting anything extravagant. I didn’t believe what came next.

My Nana and Aunt said for me to close my eyes.I did,they led me down the hall towards my room. I felt myself smile. The door opened.

“Open your eyes!”my Nana said. I opened my eyes and screamed! I had a new room!it was purple and animal print. My aunt had took a lamp and duck taped it pink and then painted it sparkly purple. I also got glass flowers,a zebra bed spread ,and a bulliton board! My favorite part was the purple rug.I was so delighted.I gave my Nana and aunt a massive hug each.My cousins were both racing around the room. They loved it too.

I plopped down in my chair and looked around in awe. I adored my room

I learned that I needed to trust in my loved ones.Even though I didn’t think I would get any thing I just trusted in my loved ones and got the best gift of my life!

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